A Wedding in Outer Space

The Space Wedding is a modern day wedding that takes place on a satellite in space. It was first spotted in the series “Graybles 1000 +,” and takes place on the International space station. You may be wondering, what is so special about this type of wedding? Let me tell you!

This wedding venue is completely isolated from everything else around it, which allows for a truly personalized and unique experience. A wedding planner can help to create an intimate atmosphere by providing a large clear view of the ceremony and reception area. This is very important because it helps to create a romantic setting, free from any disruptions from surrounding guests.

In order to appreciate the full effect of a space wedding, you must have a clear view of outer space. A virtual reality video can be set up so that all wedding guests are immersed in a live, 3D movie of the stars as they watch your wedding. Then a special outer space music play will play. As the video progresses, a sleek, silver, convertible-style rocket plane will take off from the pad at the edge of space and touch down on the wedding venue. The music and the entire ceremony will be recorded in crystal clear detail. What a great way to celebrate!

Another unique feature of a space wedding is that there are no ties, dresses, or even a wedding planner. This is because the bride and groom are in total control throughout the entire event. They can choose to have a traditional wedding, a space flight, or a combination of both! If a space flight is not chosen, the wedding planner can help create the most unique wedding imaginable. The wedding planner can provide the dresses, decorations, and other decorations that would fit the theme and design of the space flight. Even if a space wedding is chosen, the wedding planner can also create a cake that matches the overall theme of the wedding.

The cost of a space wedding will vary depending on the specifics chosen. For example, if you want to travel to space for the ceremony, but not pay for a hotel stay during the trip, you can find several different resorts that offer extremely low-cost lodging for the entire wedding party. The cost of tickets will also vary, but the price will usually include the cost of a launch, a Soyuz vehicle, and a capsule that the couple will walk into and walk out of on the launch pad. The Soyuz capsule is actually a piece of hardware that is already on the International Space Station. They designed it to return to Earth and the Soyuz capsule will separate from the rocket plane and land in the waters of Kazakhstan.

If a space wedding is your choice, do not be surprised if you meet with a Russian cosmonaut to help make your day a success. Cosmonaut Anatoli Rubikin was selected to be the wedding’s photographer. If you want to have an aerial wedding, Antonikin and his fellow cosmonauts were selected to be the pilots of a Russian Soyuz capsule. All of these choices are the result of cooperation between the Russian government and the cosmonaut industry to provide couples with the ultimate wedding experience in outer space.