Get Married in Space

If you’re an astronaut or aspiring to become one, perhaps your dream wedding would be in space. A company called Space Perspective is now offering lovebirds the chance to celebrate their special day in a capsule that will take them close to the edge of space. The company says that guests will get to enjoy the “quintessential astronaut experience” and witness the Earth’s curve, total blackness of space, and the thin blue line of our atmosphere. The space company is taking reservations now, but the wait list is already light-years long.

The space flight will last for six hours and can be customised to accommodate the couple’s requests. The website of the company states, “From menu and cocktails onboard to soundtrack and lighting, your individual preferences may be incorporated into your voyage. For explorers who reserve a full capsule, the modular design can accommodate changes to seating configurations and incorporate additional hospitality features, like tables for a unique dining service.”

In 2003, Russian cosmonaut Yuri Malenchenko married a US citizen during his mission. The wedding was conducted on a video conference monitor 402 kilometers over New Zealand, and the bride wore a white dress with a veil. She blew him a kiss and he blew her back, and they exchanged rings. The couple was able to have the wedding because their relationship began before his mission was scheduled to end. It did have some repercussions, though. It cost the cosmonaut more than 200 thousand rubles and resulted in him losing his promotion to the first deputy head of the Cosmonaut Training Center.

Destination weddings have been a popular trend for couples because of the picturesque landscapes and stunning photos that can be taken there. However, getting married in a space might be even more breathtaking and Instagram-worthy.

Aside from the obvious perks of having a destination wedding, you can also save money by getting married in a space. Depending on the venue and your needs, you can find an affordable option that will still provide the perfect setting for your big day.

Before you choose a wedding space, it’s important to know your priorities and budget. If you’re looking for a venue that will provide stunning photos, make sure that it has a clear view of the ceremony area. It’s also helpful to consider whether your priority is catering to all of your guests or if you’re looking for a more intimate setting.

Another way to cut costs is to opt for a raw space wedding. These are typically non-traditional venues that don’t include the rental fee for a banquet room or table linens, chairs, flatware, and china. Typically, these venues have a more laidback feel and require you to bring your own supplies, but they can be a great way to save money on your big day.

Aside from a raw space, you can also cut down on costs by having your wedding at a public or government-owned property that doesn’t charge any rental fees. Often, these spaces have much more character than traditional venues. If you’re not too worried about the cost, you could have a truly unique wedding and create a truly unforgettable experience for your guests.